For Agencies

Hear from members of Saatchi & Saatchi on how they are leveraging Claravine’s platform to save wasted time on data clean-up and create deeper insights in their analytics platforms.

For Brands

Listen to Digital Media Ops Consultant, Tim Scales, on how Bristol-Myers Squibb used Claravine’s platform to implement global marketing data standards across the entire marketing org.

“Tighter governance with Claravine could easily lead to 20% ROI.”

Solutions Engineering Director @ Cardinal Path

“The Claravine technology helps keep data in order across different workflows so that teams work together more efficiently.”

Head of Data Consulting @ Leading Global Advertising Agency

“Firstly, Claravine helps solve the issue of data governance, with nearly 100% insight into our data collection. Secondly, it creates an opportunity to fast track or create more robust measurement and analytics capabilities.”

SVP, Integrated Customer Engagement @ Leading Global Advertising Agency

“Making sure that you have the best handle on what portion of your advertising interaction does remain observable, that makes a platform like Claravine even more imperative.”

Solutions Engineering Director @ Cardinal Path

Marketing Data Standards for Faster, More Accurate Insights

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