Danielle Thomas Joins Claravine as a Fall 2020 Digital Marketing Intern

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As I enter the second month into my internship here at Claravine, I can without a doubt say that I am learning so many valuable skills and expanding my marketing knowledge as a member of the Fall 2020 intern class. Overseen by the Head of Digital Marketing, Michael Shearer, and the Intern Team Lead, Lisa Kaplan, I have felt nothing but welcomed as I onboarded the Claravine team and was refreshed by the friendly company culture here.

I’m currently in my third year at Towson University pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Economics. There, I am a member of various student organizations such as Towson University Women in Business and MentHER. Over this past Spring and Summer, I worked as a Communications Intern for a national organization dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurial women of color. As most of my professional experience consists of social media and content marketing, I knew that I wanted to explore a different sector of marketing which is what excited me about the opportunity to join Claravine as a Digital Marketing Intern.

I applied through a Minority Access job posting via Handshake and received a call from a recruiter named Mason Monroe. He spoke very highly of Claravine and talked to me about how they are a technology start-up company that governs and analyzes marketing data. I told him I was interested in moving forward and proceeded to learn more about what Claravine does and how I would fit in as an intern. After interviewing with Lisa, Michael, and Accounting Manager, Karen Boyd to learn more about the company as well as help them learn more about me, I was honored to accept the internship offer. Claravine provides valuable help to marketers by connecting their data across every team, system, and channel.

During my initial meeting with Michael, I expressed my interest in learning new areas and skills in digital marketing. Michael has honored my request and I am learning so much. During the past month, I have run organic and paid ad campaigns, implemented search engine and website optimization, created UTM parameters using the Claravine tool, and more! I am looking forward to working with the other interns on our team project to create a go-to-market sales strategy for the company using what we’ve learned in our respective roles and seeing how they intertwine. I feel fortunate to be a valued addition to Claravine and I am excited to continue expanding my capabilities throughout the remainder of my internship and beyond.

Danielle Thomas
Digital Marketing Intern, Claravine

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