Jennifer Rhau Joins Claravine as a 2021 UX Intern

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These past 4 months with Claravine have been incredibly rewarding. I have achieved a lot of growth and gained a deeper understanding of the user experience design and research processes. Overseen by Chief Product Officer Chris Comstock, Senior Product Manager Adam Hennings, along with Intern Team Lead Lisa Kaplan I have been supported through my acclimation to this wonderful team and challenged with my UX Project.

I’m currently a Master’s student at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Design Science. I graduated from Pace University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Minor in Graphic Design. During my time at Pace University, I was the President of the Women In Tech organization where we designed and orchestrated the first student-run Hackathon, Sunflower hack. Additionally, I was chosen to be a part of a team selected by the New York City Design Factory Global Network for the Challenge Based Innovation Project in collaboration with CERN Ideasquare that furthered my interest in Product Design and User Experience Research and Design.

I applied through my university Handshake to Minority Access where I was contacted by Mason Monroe. He introduced me to Claravine as a data management startup. I became more interested when I began to research Claravine and learned about the user-centric values Claravine was founded on. After interviewing with Lisa Kaplan and Human Resource Manager Manager Karen Boyd, I was excited to receive the offer to join the team as a UX intern. 

 I have enjoyed working on my user experience project which has been to enhance the navigation experience of the Claravine application for our amazing users. My research has been targeted towards the average user’s navigation experience with Claravine. Our users use Claravine for large detailed projects; helping them navigate this information and do their tasks quicker and more efficiently is my goal with this project. User experience is about empathizing and understanding users to find solutions to pain points in their experience with a product. I’ve enjoyed learning about our users and how they interact with our product to find solutions that are most convenient for the work they do. I look forward to continuing learning and hearing from our users to enhance the Claravine experience while growing and learning as a user experience designer. 

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