Stop Band-aiding Your Media Analytics

How to Align Facebook Ads & Google Campaign Manager With Your Digital Analytics Platform

Join us as analytics expert, Anne Saylor, shares the steps your team can take to drastically reduce time spent tracking media campaigns using automated data governance.Customize your template by clicking on the style editor tabs on your right. Set your fonts, colors, and styles. After setting your styling is all done you can click here in this area, delete the text, and start adding your own awesome content.

Anne will show you how to pull data from Facebook Ads Manager and Google Marketing Platform, automatically append data to URLs, as well as send detailed campaign data from Facebook, Google, and other platforms to classifications within Adobe Analytics, or custom fields in Google Analytics. 

In this presentation, you will learn:

  1. Common roadblocks to effective social media and display analytics
  2. Steps to automate data governance for these channels
  3. How these steps should translate to richer analytics and improved productivity

Anne Saylor

Claravine, Client Strategy

Anne is an experienced digital analytics architect who has implemented Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics for clients across many verticals. Anne has held positions in hands-on execution of paid media campaigns, analytics reporting, technical analytics, and consulting. Prior to her role as a Senior Client Strategist at Claravine, Anne was an analytics consultant for an agency and an analytics architect at Hilton Worldwide.