Claravine has been on a mission to enable the best brands in the world to create data with integrity since its inception.

We’ve started by focusing on media, marketing and content solutions. These represent core customer experience touchpoints and getting these right is something we are passionate about. The cost of delivering poor customer experiences can have devastating consequences to both the brand’s reputation and their bottom line. Additionally, marketing organizations are overwhelmed by the volume and variety of data generated, making it nearly impossible to generate timely and accurate results. We can’t think of a better place to start solving this huge data problem – and it starts with standards.

Our valued current investors including Grayhawk Capital, Next Frontier Capital, Peninsula Ventures, Kickstart Fund and Silverton Partners, saw this early on and helped us tremendously to get to this point. More than just their financial support, they have been trusted advisors and fully supportive believers in our mission.

We are now receiving even more support and are honored to announce an additional $16m in funding led by Five Elms Capital. During this round of fundraising, Five Elms has stood out on every level as a firm that truly aligns with us. This new partnership is a sign of great things to come and we couldn’t be more grateful. Having another team behind us makes us even more certain that we are on an exciting path.

This investment has happened during a time when the global financial markets are being rattled with fear and uncertainty. The trust this new funding undoubtedly demonstrates is that data standards are creating real value for our customers.

Further, it comes at a time when brands are struggling even more with making sense of media and marketing data to understand how to optimize their investments. This has gone on for too long. And now with the growing shift in privacy being established by both governments around the world as well as tech giants, companies are more lost than ever on how to measure their media and marketing effectiveness. Not to mention all of the other data used to make business decisions – decisions that are often made with poor quality data.

Being proactive is the difference and integrity is the destination – with your data, with your business practices and by the people and technologies who make all of this work together in harmony. This is what our solution is doing for many of the most recognized global brands. It starts with data standards – something that has long been missing in most businesses. The Data Standards Cloud, our flagship solution, is the first big step for many to realize the value of applying data standards for accelerated and smarter data-driven decision making alongside delivering customer experiences consumers have come to expect.

Our results speak for themselves everyday – not just because we continue to grow as a start-up doing something disruptive – but more importantly because our customers are finding great value from how they now approach data, with standards, to ultimately create better digital experiences for their customers.

We don’t measure success based on the amount of funding we’ve raised, but on the amazing people who make Claravine what it is today. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to find talented individuals in every area of the business who sincerely care about the success of all: each other, our company and our customers.

And speaking of our customers, their incredible dedication and support has helped us deliver the best possible solution – a platform that lets them finally take a proactive approach to their data – is almost unheard of in the software industry. They continue to stay with us for the long haul because they see the value and know the potential.

We don’t know what more we could ask for as a company. The commitments from everyone involved are incomparable and we recognize how fortunate we truly are.

Are you ready for a new standard?

The Data Standards Cloud allows everyone to create better data, easily. Let our SaaS do the heavy lifting.

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