Claravine Newsletter: Jan 20, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we’re reading and talking about. Some of the headlines:
Digital Marketing Spending Continues its Climb
GroupM, the world’s largest ad buyer, forecasts trends for 2017, and gives a rundown of recent ad spending benchmarks. Topping the charts in profitability is digital media, with a 72% return on ad dollars spent, projected to increase to 77% in the coming year. TV remains king overall, with 42% of total advertising spend. Digital’s total share is projected to increase to 33%. Ad Age (12/5/16)
Companies band together for Mobile data transparency
Growing concern over “walled gardens” of data, data hoarding, and ghost-clicks has driven a number of publishers and marketing technology companies, including Integral Ad Science, InMobi and MoPub, to partner with Google in an effort to bring greater transparency to mobile marketing data. Ad Age (12/8/16)
70% of Marketers at the Web’s leading brands will increase spend in 2017
The Trend toward larger marketing budgets is driven in part by the adoption of new technology. About 82% of marketers reported introducing one to five new technologies in 2016 into their organizations, 10% released between 6 and 10; 7% zero; and 1% between 11 and 20. MediaPost (12/12/16)
For data Accuracy, how many channels is too many?
A Forrester Research infographic illustrates how the proliferation of new ad technologies and platforms has created a “complex and confusing” landscape for multi-channel campaign tracking. The industry still has some way to go in ensuring accurate data capture from multiple platforms. AdWeek (12/7/2016)
Consumer Trust in Digital Ads is Low
eMarketer reports that consumers trust print and TV advertising more than digital. This split is creating a dilemma for marketers as they seek to find the most effective, and trustworthy, ad formats and marketing tools to reach online shoppers. Digital pop-ups, podcast ads and mobile advertising ranked the lowest for “trust.” eMarketer (1/3/17)
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