Analytics: the View from 30,000 Feet

Looking down from a height at the world of analytics code tracking and campaign reporting, it appears to be a swarm of complex interactions and elaborate interconnections. However, for all its involved architecture there are really only four ways to break campaign reporting. Hence there are just four things a company must check before each campaign launch: code composition, code classification, link assembly, and capture logic. These requirements are not difficult to follow on their own—but any misstep along the line will completely break the tracking.
Few marketing teams incorporate all four of these tasks into their workflow, and even when they do, not everyone who touches a campaign will understand fully what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. Search any organization, large or small, and you are likely to uncover a series of Excel spreadsheets of undocumented origin that marketers are using to retrieve new codes. These documents have usually been handed down once or twice, and the choices their current owners are constrained to make become less and less relevant as the marketing organization evolves and adapts. Eventually full understanding of the process slips away, as tracking inconsistencies and errors start to slip in.
This leads to a situation wherein most of the analytics prep-work for campaigns is performed by people with only partial understanding of what they’re doing, and no real certainty that it’s right. Resulting data are never very good, and frequently so bad that campaign reports from the analytics vendor are categorically dismissed as unreliable.
Claravine is our solution to this crisis in confidence. We restore your faith in the campaign reports you have rightly grown to mistrust. We don’t just preach the four steps of campaign preparation, we implement them on your behalf. Claravine automatically generates and classifies new codes, embeds them in landing page links, and verifies that the links are tracking correctly (or alerts you to specific issues that you must fix before launch).
That’s exactly why we created Claravine. It is the computer that does the heavy lifting and meticulous checking. It’s the trained robot that will stop your organization from sending anything out that can’t be measured later. Use it faithfully, and it will restore your confidence in the reports you’ve long wished you could trust. It will enable you and your team to get busy with the parts of the job that you like.

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