This Week in Analytics: Early May

Data use in the digital age continues to evolve. These developments often are positive, giving more businesses access to the tools they need to succeed and optimize customer experiences. Other times, there’s a bit of catching up to do. Here are some of the stories from tech this month; click on any headline for the full story.

Adobe Gives Sneak Peek Into AI-Powered Analytics Projects

The business environment means brands must do everything they can to gain advantages over competitors, and Adobe Analytics is up to the challenge. It’s working on new technology powered by AI and machine learning that can give workers tools, insights and answers to complex questions with precision that hasn’t been seen before. This tech will help with forecasting, analyzing customer paths, identifying customer segments, and analyzing workspace problems.

Report: Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica behind Facebook scandal

After a “personality quiz” app on Facebook led to Cambridge Analytica data-privacy issues for Facebook, it’s Twitter’s turn to admit to data misuse. Global Science Research (GSR) apparently gained access to five months of Twitter data for a single day back in 2015. The data was paid for through Twitter’s data licensing program, which requires companies to explain their intended-use cases. Twitter says it conducted an internal review and GSR didn’t have access to private information and direct messages.

Marketo: One Platform for Engagement

A lot happened at Marketo’s Marketing Nation 2018 summit. There was the expected acquisition, product and partnership news, but also talk about transitioning to a new direction. Marketo remains committed to what CEO Steve Lucas calls “the Engagement Economy,” which means shifting away from CRM. Immediately engaging with customers means the difference between truly curating a buyer experience and simply recording what users say they do on a platform. When a platform encompasses the market’s social, digital and mobile activities, it needs to be reliable, fast, secure and readily available. This is why Marketo is settling on Google Cloud to make transitions smarter. Learn more about Audience AI and other technologies of which Marketo is taking advantage moving forward.

Facebook launches commerce ‘Analytics’ app

Facebook is a good social tool despite its recent scandal, but how does it stand up as a business tool? Businesses want to sell products or services on top of having a lot of likes, followers and reach. Facebook has a precise way to reach customers, which it plans on capitalizing on through the “Facebook Analytics” app for iOS and Android. The app will allow users to easily view metrics, reports, automated insights and notifications of changes to ensure business owners stay on top of their growth, engagement and conversion efforts. The app complements Pages Manager and Ad Manager to help businesses track important numbers and information.

This Week in GDPR

With the General Data Protection Regulation going into effect at the end of the month, companies are taking steps to prepare. Whether it’s finalizing the technical parts of their framework, launching new platforms, or making changes to consent-gathering, companies are giving customers a way to ensure data privacy. Follow the link for more information on what companies such as Google, SugarCRM, and OneTrust are doing to manage user data in light of upcoming changes.
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