Are you trying to solve any of these challenges?

  • Manage structured data for campaigns, content, product catalogs or other marketing data
  • Enrich your digital platforms (e.g. analytics, CMS) for better personalization and insights
  • Improve tracking code/Adobe CID classifications globally
  • Build an improved and standardized process in your digital advertising/media operations
  • Unify disparate internal and external teams/agencies around creating clean and uniform data
  • Trying to get a taxonomy implementation buy-in, including standardizing naming conventions across content and campaigns
  • Going through a digital transformation and not sure where to begin

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Learn how the best brands master campaign tracking

Marketing success begins with good data. This guide shares the steps any organization can take to implement campaign tracking best practices and optimize spend based on richer insights.

This guide will cover important topics including:

  • How to align campaign measurement with strategic marketing objectives
  • How to enforce a consistent classification taxonomy across teams and channels
  • How to optimize digital marketing based on reported performance metrics

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Claravine Welcomes Serena Chin as a Fall 2020 Business Development and Sales Intern

Serena Chin Article Title and Headshot Graphic

The first 6 weeks of my internship at Claravine has been a rewarding experience because I learned a plethora of important skills and life lessons while being part of the Fall 2020 intern class. I am blessed to be overseen by Senior Account Executive Lisa Kaplan. She has taught me how to research competitors, conduct outreach, use sales prospecting tools, and more. From working with the other college interns in my class up to the CEO, I can confidently say that Claravine has the kindest and supportive team ever. 

I’m a junior at Rutgers University majoring in marketing with a minor in digital communication, information, and media. I’m part of the Rutgers Business Governing Association where I serve as the Marketing Representative and contribute to the apparel and branding committee. This past summer, I worked as a marketing intern for a marketing company where I pitched and sold Xfinity subscriptions to hundreds of Walmart shoppers. My additional experience stems from an associate job at an ice cream shop, where I developed an intensive knowledge about frozen delights. These collective roles have provided me with the beneficial skills I need to succeed at Claravine.

My career goal is to become either a digital marketer or a market research analyst in the future. I enjoy conducting research, analyzing data, and utilizing strategies to advertise products and services. Claravine provides me the opportunity to use these abilities in my independent projects. Interning here allows me to explore different areas of marketing and develop my marketing knowledge.

I applied to this internship through Handshake where Recruiter Mason Monroe then contacted me about Claravine as a data management startup. I expressed my interest in moving forward and began my search to learn more. I discovered that they automate governance to standardize data for the best digital experiences and marketing campaigns, which made me want to work there. After interviewing with Lisa, HR Manager Karen Boyd, and Senior Sales Kate VanHee, I was thrilled to receive the internship offer. 

I’m ecstatic to work with the other interns on our team project where we create a go-to-market sales strategy. It’s interesting to see how each of the roles connect with each other. I’m so thankful to be working for this spectacular company. To say I’m excited for the rest of my internship journey is an understatement. I can’t wait to see what else Claravine has in store for me!

Serena Chin                                                                                                                                                    Business Development and Sales Intern, Claravine