Claravine and IntelligenceBank Partner to Streamline Digital Asset Management and Marketing Data

We are proud to announce our partnership with IntelligenceBank, a leading provider of digital asset management software. This partnership aims to streamline digital asset management processes for organizations and enhance their overall digital experience.

With the ever-growing volume of digital assets being produced by businesses, managing these assets can be a daunting task. From images and videos to audio files and documents, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. However, with IntelligenceBank’s digital asset management software, companies can centralize all their digital assets, making them easy to find, access, and share.

Claravine’s data standards and management solutions complement IntelligenceBank’s digital asset management software by ensuring that all metadata related to digital assets is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. This partnership will enable organizations to streamline their digital asset management processes, save time, and improve overall efficiency.

“IntelligenceBank is very pleased to partner with Claravine. Our software solutions complement one another and offers clients the ability to manage their marketing and creative operations and make use of the powerful data to ensure compliance and optimal performance.”
– David Porter, SVP Corporate Development

“We’re thrilled about the opportunity to partner with IntelligenceBank. The focus on creative and personalization at scale for marketing and creative operations teams right now requires collaboration across teams. Together, we believe we can help simplify this process for customers all the way through to measurement and analytics.”
– Chris Comstock, Chief Growth Officer


With this partnership, customers of both IntelligenceBank and Claravine will benefit from the two best-of-breed solutions.

Learn more about this partnership at our upcoming webinar on July 19th.

About IntelligenceBank:

IntelligenceBank is the leading digital asset management and marketing operations software. We help marketing teams seamlessly manage digital assets, creative content approvals, marketing compliance, and creative project management to ensure brands get to market quickly, stay on brand and ensure regulatory compliance.

IntelligenceBank is used by over 500 brands with 800,000+ users in 55 countries. IntelligenceBank has offices in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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