Marketing Data Platform

Future-Proof Your Marketing

The “new normal” for marketing is anything but.

As digital behaviors rise, so do expectations for engaging consumer experiences, both personal and business. Master your data-driven marketing by taking control of your data integrity across teams and technologies.

Align Your Marketing Efforts

Is your marketing stack living up to its potential? Use Claravine to govern your tech’s data integrity across all organic channels. Define and enforce tracking standards and link creation with automated processes that improve team collaboration and campaign creation.

Build a Common Language

Sing from the same songbook across your solutions. Share a marketing taxonomy standardized through templates to tie data points together.

Govern & Automate Tracking Code Creation

Minimize errors and correct issues before they become problems in your systems. Use advanced upfront configurations to define and build information-rich campaign tracking links quickly and at scale.

Confirm Campaign Readiness

Get live faster with automatic tag and data validations. Verify tag placement and landing page status in one place. And, quickly spot and update invalid or incomplete data fields to push clean campaigns.

Define and Govern in Claravine Screenshot

Maximize the Potential of Your Owned Channels

Clean, rich marketing data makes all the difference. Claravine enables your team and tech to deliver greater value from the start. Execute more effective, attributable data-driven tactics and messages for better customer experiences across email, social, search, mobile, CRM, and more.

Increase Engagement & Conversion

Right message, right person, right time is a necessity. Create more dynamic, refined audience segments based on standardized, complete data at the core.

Evaluate & Optimize Cross-Channel Activities

Create more usable, accurate, and high-quality inputs for analytics and attribution systems. Start with common fields that feed clean data throughout your ecosystem for truer program ROI and new opportunities for optimization.

Feed Customer Intelligence Everywhere

Empower your entire organization with clean and reliable marketing data. Help sales, customer success, and even partner teams to enrich customer profiles and target in-market consumers.

Example Integrations


Share data across your essential systems.

Talk to our team to see our full list including custom options available via API.


Ready to take control of your data?

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