Data Quality for Measurement Success

More data is created, captured, and analyzed than ever before.

But as every analytics team knows, garbage in means garbage out. Properly fuel your experts and systems by managing data integrity from the start. 

Inform & Enforce Data Standards

Data quality starts with persistent, pervasive standards. With Claravine, you can organize data entry and capture across systems and teams from one place. Automated, integrated processes reduce human error while raising the quality of the data you receive.

Classification, Dimension Mapping & Data Cleansing

Whether you’re planning ahead or looking back, establish a common taxonomy to improve data everywhere. Standardize input values and retroactively apply classifications for greater depth and breadth of dimensions.

Link Tracking

Goodbye broken and unwieldy links. With a common taxonomy and process, links are tagged with custom parameters that can be obfuscated for a consistent, trackable customer experience.

Data Layer Optimization

Design and structure data associated with user interactions for better slicing and more nuanced personalization. And, open the data layer to collaboration to extract more value across teams and provide deeper analytic dives.

See What Rich, Reliable Data Can Do

Make every data point count. With Claravine, your team can access enriched, comprehensive data based on proper classification and tracking. See what your organization can do with more actionable, reliable insights at the ready.

Aggregated, Consistent & High-Value Data

Build a strong data foundation for stress free, ad-hoc reporting. With pervasive standards, your teams can rely on smartly structured, multidimensional data across paid media, organic channels, onsite interactions, and more.

Automation Across Destinations

Focus your teams on what they do best. Automate standards and processes, mapping templates across multiple outbound destinations — from analytics to cloud storage to email attachments.

Personalization That Gets Noticed

Improve personalization and boost conversion of customer experiences. Build more nuanced customer profiles of attributes and triggers based on high-quality, event-based insights and segmentation.


Share data across your essential systems.

Talk to our team to see our full list including custom options available via API.


Ready to take control of your data?

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