Ad Data Management for Successful Measurement

Is bad data sabotaging your media and advertising?

Poor quality data costs nearly a quarter of every $1 in media spend. Use Claravine to take greater ownership and control of your data from the start, for more efficient and effective media plans and execution across existing channels and workflows.  

Control & Enforce Data Standards

Get teams and partners on the same data page, no matter where they sit. Eliminate siloed process and fragmented campaign visibility with persistent and pervasive standards. Claravine centralizes your standards so you can optimize insights while easily delegating responsibilities.

Define & Implement Your Unique Standards

You set the standard for others to follow. Define your unique data model, and build naming and tracking code structures for easy input. With approved templates and fields, teams enter the right data from the start, spending less time on manual QA and more on maximizing output.

Govern Access & Empower Users

Give teams the right access and permissions to shine – and create boundaries as needed. Use pre-built and custom admin permissions based on user needs, team, role, and channel responsibilities. Set auto-export of data files to external platforms or email sends so the right teams never miss a beat.

Gather Rich, Consistent Data for Actionable Insights

Media analytics depend on flawless campaign setup. Clear up error-prone manual processes when trafficking and tracking media campaigns with Claravine. With set standards, focus more time on what’s driving results so you can optimize your buys and creative when it counts.

Optimize Campaign Metadata Mapping

Open the data layer to collaboration to extract more value across teams. Create a controlled environment outside of Dev to add new data points that fuel event-based analytics, profile enrichment, marketing automation, and more.

Confirm Campaign Readiness & Track Success

Get live faster with information-rich tracking and data validations. Verify campaign placement and configuration at scale in one place. And, quickly spot and update invalid or incomplete data fields to push clean campaigns and capture accurate attribution.


Share data across your essential systems.

Talk to our team to see our full list including custom options available via API.


Ready to take control of your data?

Let’s talk about your data integrity goals and how The Data Standards Cloud™ can elevate your paid media.